Is there a way for students to post comments to a blog post without being able to read other student comments? For example I would like to post a problem on my blog and have students give me their solutions without seeing the solutions other students have posted. Any help would be appreciated.

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My advice would be to make it required that all comments must be moderated before appearing, and then just not approve them. that way you'll see them and kids won't. Let me know if that doesn't work in blogspot.........i'm not very familiar with it, but I think most blogging platforms allow you to change the security/discussion settings.
I think this will work. Thanks for the help.
I like @kolson's suggestion a lot. You could also set up a ning site for your class and have students blog their answers. You can set your blog preferences on Ning for each blogpost to only allow your "friends" to see your post. Then have students only "friend" you.
As far as I can see, unless you want to unveil all the answers at some point in the future for peer-evaluation or whatever, it might be easier to manage this by simply have them message you their solutions.
Hi Darin,

I hope this message isn't too commercial for you, but I occasionally troll ning looking for people whose problems my company can help solve. I run ChitChat, which is an "educational network" that, among other things, let's teachers create interactive class web pages. By "interactive" I mean several things, but probably the most important one (and the most pertinent to your question) is that students can respond online to posts by their teachers, following which teachers can write feedback into students' work just like with a red pen. We also turn standard LATeX syntax into rendered equations, which might make it easier for you to write problems for your students. We're working on RSS enabling everything and have been adding features pretty rapidly since our recent launch (coming relatively soon are discussion forums you can add to your class, wiki-editable posts, and a class enrollment system so you can let students share work without it being visible on the open web).

I won't belabor the discussion here as it's not really a commercial forum, but I'd be thrilled if you'd check it out, and hopefully we can help you out. Or, if you don't like something, I'd love to hear what/why; maybe it's something we'll be adding or fixing. Good luck!
Well you could just turn Moderation of your comments on and then never actually publish them. It would allow you to see the answers in the moderation queue, then if you desired after everybody commented you could publish the comments or not.




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