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Does anyone have gardening links they like, about gardening in school, in the classroom, gardening for science lessons, gardening for math lessons, gardening for nutrition lessons? Anyone doing gardening projects with their students? Anyone have gardens in their classrooms?
Also, how about gardening analogies, describing internet use for teaching and learning?

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I just received a Toyota Tapestry Grant for my 9th grade Biology students. We will be using the square foot gardening technique to grow different vegetables and annuals that my students will then harvest and sell in our After School Program (we are a K-12 school). The proceeds from the sales will be donated to our local homeless shelter. My students will be paired up (some groups of 3) and will be responsible for a 16 square foot garden plot. As part of their plot, they will be doing studies on plant growth, development, nutrient requirements, etc...Additionally, they will, through their language arts' classes, visit our local homeless shelter. Students in pairs will interview the homeless in our community and write and publish their stories modeling the book "Everyone has a Story to Tell".
I have a school garden in a courtyard outside of my classroom window. I use Journey North at www.learner.org. This is a great site and my science club kids have participated in the tulip garden activity in which they have tracked the coming of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere by watching the tulips bloom then plotting them on a world map. Check it out if you haven't done so already.

We also do a project with the 2nd graders in the fall when we teach them about the life cycle of a pumpkin and host a pumpkin hunt. We then pick the pumpkins that are planted in the previous year. It's fun for the 7-8th grade science club kids to teach the younger students.

I teach 7th grade science in southern NJ so growing season during school is limited-I would like to get a portable greenhouse. Any ideas or sources of cheap ones?

Eve, thank you for the links, and for the example of integrating nature/science projects with all else. That's the way to do it!

Mickey, congratulations on the grant--very exciting stuff you have going on!

Liz, I love Journey North, have used it since its inception. A state-of-the-art, superb website. I love how students become data-reporters. Thank you for telling us about it here in this context.

James, thanks for the link!



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