We recently ran into this site-- http://www.blogwithoutalibrary.net/links/index.php?title=School_lib.... The site consists of a listing of various types of library blogs. What great idea! Blogs are a great way to discuss new books or materials. Why not create a “book club without walls” and suggest a blog for your library? Can you see other uses? Does your library have one?

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One really great thing our library does is to put out an RSS feed about new book acquisitions - since it is a big university library, it is fabulous to be able to get an RSS feed for the new books in all the different areas - here's how they have it set up:

I love our library guys - they have the most user-friendly and truly useful website of all the different programs on our campus. They are also the only people on our campus doing podcasting: http://libraries.ou.edu/media/

What kind of podcasting are they doing?
If you click on the link you can see the archives - a lot of it is geared around library research techniques, special collections, events at the Library. I like it because I can subscribe to it and it pops up in my RSS reader. They also have "Library news" available via RSS. Very handy. For me, if it's not RSS, it doesn't exist. :-)
Very nice. It seems to me that with the funding issues for public libraries in particular, that this would be a great way to engage readers or members without spending alot of money. In our area, public libraries in particular are being closed left and right. This could also provide an opportunity for publicity as well as discussion and feedback. It would be so easy to do, as most libraries are online in some capacity! In schools, it would be a nice way to "update" the library experience to be more web based and appealing to some students. Thanks for the info!

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