How can we use Daniel Pink's lecture on motivation to re-engage teachers and students in learning and producing quality products?



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Produce quality products? Those "products" are human beings - immature human beings - and with all the variability of a sizeable group of human beings. One way to "re-engage teachers" is to address the teacher needs - supplies, learning resources, a laptop, professional development, etc.

Artificial "motivation" will never work as well as meeting real needs! .
I am very interested in this topic too! How to motivate students in real world carrot and stick...
I believe that Pink's research is meant not to state that the reward/punishment dichotomy is a failure, but it seems that he is trying to find another way around around this behavior modification to entice children to learn (and teachers to teach) in a way that will attract enough attention so that it does not have to have the feeling of forcing people to learn in the classroom. There may be a more "natural" way to get around this without people feeling threatened to have certain expectations met at a certain time.

motivation is ned of every one it instills confidence a virture to do something one can modify his/her life with correct motivation it helps to build a man so keep motivating



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