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We seek knowledge, but mosty, we seek to transfer that knowledge onto our children.

We need to communicate to them a spark of awareness. A spark that will fire a lifetime of exploration and discovery.

Our need, leads us to find the tools necessary to strike that spark, and so, we discuss and experiment with equpment and devices to gain their interest. We strive to be on their level, their digital awareness, that we only brushed against in our childhoods.

Yet, we have a tool that has no digital counterpart, no batteries are required.

It is our love of what we know, our poetry, our science, our mastery of numbers, the essence of histoory, or love of the arts. This is our greatest tool.

Our enthusiam and caring for our students and our subjects is the tool that brands the fire within us.

We have all been touched by a teacher, one who relishes and transfers their knowledge and wisdom. We may resist at first, but we are overtaken. We cannot help but be moved by their love of what they have found and what they wish to share.

It may not be our choice to read Shakespere with a depth of character, so real that many personalities can arise from one voice.

We may not feel elated by solving a mathematical proof, but we learn to solve problems.

We may have found it difficult to remember composers and symphonies, but we felt the music.

Historical facts and dates were all numbers and times, yet we learned, why we are.

And then, at one point, something sparks. One subject stands in or memory and disturbs our sleep. How? Why? We wonder. That! Is the path. We walk that path to satisfy our need to know, to understand. We learn and we develop and then we share.

It is Human.

Once it was legends and traditions spoken by the elders to their tribe.

There is far more information now, but we have found the path. We will light the way.


Thanks for your indulgence


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