A New Site for Students and Teachers to Manage Projects Online

I just launched a site for students to manage group projects online; Enterthegroup.com. It provides project management tools and advice so students can get organized and communicate better.

The site provides help to students who typically dislike working in groups. It gives them a way to define their objectives and goals. It also allows them to break projects down into tasks, communicate to each other, schedule meetings on a shared calendar, share files and conduct polls.

There is a tool for teachers to create a type of virtual classroom where they can communicate with students outside of class, share handouts, post dates to a calendar and more.

I would love to know what teachers think about this, so any feedback would be much appreciated. 

I think this site can help teachers avoid project 'disasters' as well as teach students valuable lessons in organization.


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Sorry I am not a teacher but I am an education major in a technology class. We are being introduced to several softwares and sites that can help us in and out of the classroom. I am glad to hear of this site and i'll be sure to keep this in mind. A site we have learned that you may also be familiar with is wiki PB works that students can interact and communicate online to put a project together from their own homes. I had never heard of anything like this and am looking forward to using this with and for my students!
Wow, thanks for the tip! This site looks very interesting. This may help with a project we are working on [in the same class as the last person who posted I believe] :) It is worth taking a look at anyway.
Wow this is a really great idea! I like that it allows students to remain organized when working on group projects. I also like that as teachers we get to see the progress going on with each student on the project and who is doing what. My only concern with this is how students without computers or internet access in their homes would benefit from something like this. Overall great idea!
Thanks! Please pass on the good word as this is a free site.

As for students without internet access - yes this is a reality in some homes. Hopefully there are public access computers in their schools or local libraries so they can at least access the net somewhere.
Does it allow tasks to be linked to each other? Can you view tasks in a Gantt chart?
Sorry no Gantt charts yet. It does allow you to create and view your group's tasks all in one place though.
Thank you for the site. That is interesting. I have already registered for it and I will try to use it with my students or with my friends.
Thanks Stefanus!



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