A few years ago I was freezing in Times Square New Years Eve with my daughter and several hundred thousand people. When the Chrystal ball went down for the count you could hear every language of the world yelling and thousands of cell phone steaming the noise and images throughout the world. It felt like being in the center of the world, because for that moment we were. Contented to every country imaginable flow from where we stood. The joy and peace in the air brought us all to tears, laughter and hugs.
We now have such much power to heal the world, we now have no excuse not to try.
May we all see the New Year with new eyes and refreshed hearts of hope.

On this note I was just finished a White Paper for a Library conference in India. In writing it, it became obvious that the global library system can not only become a global education and knowledge distribution system but small towns are now empower to publish original material and build learning communities on health, farming, microeconomics and deliver k-12 education curriculum. This is a wonderful opportunity for us all.

So we invite you to read the brief paper on: “Libraries as Community Education Centers and Publishing Houses” http://globallearningframework.ning.com/forum/topics/libraries-as-c...

Wish you and your families a New Year of hope and success
Richard Close
Chrysalis Campaign

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