Students, post (by pasting a live link) to an AUP you found, here (including grade level) and be sure to comment back on at least two other student's AUPs.  Comment on the grade level appropriateness and if it seems to be comprehensive enough. (Oh and everyone has to have a different AUP - you can't use the same one someone else has already posted.)

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Courtney, I also like the one from Greenbrook. For K-2 situations, it really does a good job of pointing out each level and area of responsibility with a promise statement, which I think could be instilled in younger children.
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This website says that the internet is a good tool to be used in classrooms but it is the responsibility of the students to use the device properly. All the normal rules of the hallway and classroom are to be continued when using the internet. no being mean. the end :)
My school has one like this. I like it.
I like that they extend the normal rules into the technology rules.
You have no AUP on this....get one.
east orange school district

this AUP is really good because at the end it has specific links to "cyber-bullying" and other forms of online/in school harassment. it also appears to be very applicable to the middle school age range.
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I like that this one also has the consequences listed clearly along with the guidelines. It is a bit lengthy though...
This seems to cover every needed aspect of the AUP. However, I think students will have a difficult time understanding so much information.
This is the AUP for Berkley Lake Elementary School

This AUP seems to not be very detailed. There are several different policies regarding negative aspect of internet and computer use. They want the integrity of the students, teachers, and faculty is very important. Also, the school does not want home devices (games or any other sort of program from home) brought into the schools. The only accepted things are what the school has purchased. The students also need to respect the equipment the school provides them.

This AUP is made for elementary, but would most likely need to be explained to them. It has the school's specific AUP and then the county's. I like this because it makes the two go together.
The thing about bringing home devices into the school is a stupid rule i think because no matter what the teacher says the students going to do it anyway. I mean my cellphone is sitting on my table right now and its not really supposed to be. also i must now go to the restroom. good joy
The policy seems good, but as you've stated, it may be difficult for students to understand on their own. It seems like this policy would be something that the parents would read and sign and then simply tell their child to sign also.
Courtney, as you've stated, it might be good for an AUP to not only be age appropriate, but also have various sections (the intent is not to create a lot of red-tape), but keep things well organized and yet simple. A section for parents, a section for the student.
this appears to be very limited as to its definition of doing "harm" to others. bullying is not really covered at all.



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