After reading Eryn's blog, I decided that I wanted to find reading material to refresh my differentiating skills.  I found an article called COLLABORATIVE TEACHING: SPECIAL EDUCATION FOR INCLUSIVE CLASSROOMS
by Price, Mayfield, McFadden, and Marsh.  In this article, they discussed many different types of accommodations as well as ways to implement them into the regular education classroom.  The article touched on the how instruction and curriculum could be variated to help struggling students.  They gave great ideas of alternative ways students could finish assignments as well.  They also went into assistive technology and how it can be integrated. 
   My favorite part of this article was the "General Consideration in Planning" section.  It provided the reader with specific questions that needed to be asked while planning lessons to ensure that every student was being considered and instruction could be differentiated accordingly.  After reading this article, I thought back to when we had a presentation about differentiated instruction, so I went back through the slide show.  I reread the nine types of curriculum adaptations and the ways that they could be utilized in every classroom.
   Overall, the article I read was very informative.  It explained what accommodations and modifications were, examples of each, and ways to implement them into the curriculum.  With inclusive classrooms becoming more and more prevalent, I believe the ideas discussed in this article could be useful for any teacher and every student.

The article read and other articles on interesting topics can be found at:

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