Considering what we have seen happen throughout act 1 and 2, how do you think Walter and Benetha's immature actions have made an infulence in Ruth's character at the closing of act 2? Explain in your opinion how Ruth has dealt with their actions and why she's the one that has to be responsible for them.



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well i think that Ruth has just figured out that this sister and brother relationship between bennie and walter ,is going to continue to make problems in the family. So to me Ruth is just tired of dealing with it, and she is more on Mama's side and she is happy for Mama .. finally doing what she wanted to do and not what the other 2 kids want her to do.

I agree with you, but are you sure that mama will do want she wants to do?

It appears that Mama, like most mothers, has a habit of making decisions based on the needs and wants of her children.  So, in essence, any decision that she makes would mean that she is doing what she wants to do, as she has the right to say no- considering that her husband left the money for her.

i thank that beneathas and walters actions made ruths charachter more tired than she already is cause she has to take care of the apartment and thier actions are slowing her down 

I agree with Justin.
I also think Walter is trying to become more of "the man of the house", but not really giving his share of the responsibilities. 

i agree with coutrney .. walter is trying to make all the descisions but he is making them for hiself , instead of whats BEST for the family, thats why Ruth has stop listening to him tslk sbout it... because he says the same thing over and over ..and Ruth is getting tired of it


What do you think ruths life would be like if walter was more responsible? Do you think she would still be stressed?

If Walter was responsible i think he would be the head of the household, they would have money, and Ruth's life would be calm and not stressful.

I agree with you Maria, but why do you think Ruth is the one that has to be responsible for them?

I wouldn't say that Ruth has to be responsible for them.  But, I would say that she has allowed herself to get stuck in a hole where she has become the middle man for a lot of family issues.  Ruth appears to be pulled into their mess and expected to go one way or another becuase she is either a wife or a woman.

Throughout act 1 until the end of act 2 Walter and Beneatha's actions have led for Ruth's life to just feel worse. Ruth is already fed up with the circumstances of her life and Walter and Bennie's arguing all the time just stress her out. Ruth knows that her family is not financially stable and the fact that their lives revolve around money just puts everyone in a bad mood. Ruth has learned to be quiet and try to ignore all the arguing but sometimes she just has enough and has to let it out. She usually expresses her feelings by just being in a bad mood and not answering when someone talks to her or answering with a smart response. Ruth needs a break not only from her family but also from her life.



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