Considering what we have seen happen throughout act 1 and 2, how do you think Walter and Benetha's immature actions have made an infulence in Ruth's character at the closing of act 2? Explain in your opinion how Ruth has dealt with their actions and why she's the one that has to be responsible for them.



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Ruth starts to realize the her  siblings relationship  is going to keep making problems in her family . So Ruth is just really frustrated with their issues and sine their problems keep affecting their family and affecting Ruth around the house, so Ruth leans more to her mother.

Benetha's and Walters actions have in a way consumed Ruth's true way of being by having to deal with and put up with their immature behavior which led her not only to change character but to change perspective.

Walter and Beneatha's actions have influenced Ruth's character. Ruth's character is more stressed and uptight due to Walter and Beneatha's selfishness. Walter and Beneatha are dissrespectful and immature. That's why Ruth feels as if she is  obligated to be the mature and responsible one. Ruth tries to calm her temper and keep her comments to her self whenever she is fed up about hearing all their financial problems at home. Ruth is the bigger person and tries to keep her family in one piece and together, although it is not easy she still tries her best to help out.

Walter and Beneaha's relationship to me, makes Ruth a stronger woman by letting her stick out every situation the family encounters with them two and what all they go through. She doesn't allow everything to get to her, and she knows her limit with stress. Ruth is the other "Father Figure" in the family, and she has a say so in what they want to do. Even though the family is going through a struggle, Ruth is helping out considering she was married into the family.

i agree with ivana .. she is the Father figure , she's taking all the responsibility in the house

Walter and beneatha make Ruth's life more difficult than what it is. By them acting that way they stress her out and give her an attitude. This attitude is usually taken out on Walter. Walter and Bennie Are always arguing about money and Ruth doesn't care about the money.
I think that Ruth has realized that the arguing between Walter and benetha is just civil rivalry and she has learned how to block it out so it.doesent effect her much ...( :

Sibling rivalry?  I would have to agree Vic, that she does not allow their relationship to alter her views on them, but I think it does in a small way change how she presents herself.

i think Walter and Beneatha's immature actions have made Ruth become even more stressed than what she already is without them acting that way. Ruth deals with  them by either arguing back with one or both of htem or just being in a bad mood like them. i believe she does this because she has grown tired of them always arguing and fussing that she has given up on trying to resolve the issue.

Well the money is ruining this family because its something they never had and now that someone in the family has this money they feel , that they all should use it , but at the same time they know its Mama's money , but if they feel that one sibling is getting close to getting the money .. then thats what make them . more concerned about it .There kinda acting like children . if they see someone doing good . to get rewarded them thats when the want to do good to get rewarded.

Walter and Benetha have sibling rivalry. They are immature because they are grown and still living together. Ruth has to play mom to not just Travis but also Benetha and Walter. All Ruth has ever known is to be a wife and mother. She has dealt with their actions for so long that its normal for her. She takes responsibility for them because she loves them and wants the best for them.

I believe that Walter and Beneatha's immature actions have  in a way tired Ruth out. She has had to dealt with fights and arguments between Beneatha and Walter almost every day. In  a way she has dealt with three kids instead of one.In my opinion Ruth has dealt with their actions in the best was that she can. By trying to calm them down and  letting them get their point across.I think that is the only thing she can do, calm them down.



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