Considering what we have seen happen throughout act 1 and 2, how do you think Walter and Benetha's immature actions have made an infulence in Ruth's character at the closing of act 2? Explain in your opinion how Ruth has dealt with their actions and why she's the one that has to be responsible for them.



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i think that thier financial status has a lot to do with it

do you think they would be better if they had money?

I agree Justin.  That is a great point you make.  I thought about your question and I think they would end up in an even worse situation, because with money comes greed and then evil.

I agree with you Katheryn, now in your own opinion, how do you think things will be in the future for the family?

well yea Ruth is also dealing with alot of things from how she has to live now.. How she has to ajust to her life to be a mother and wife .

i think that thier living situation has to do with a lot of it to 

i couldnt live with my mom all day

true but .. but money is also whats ruining this family


Good point Ny'la.  Would you say just money?  I ask because I would have to say money in conjunction with greed.

I agree with Ny'la because if they had a better financial status then they wouldn't really have nothing to argue about.

 I  also agree with Justin on that Ruth has a more tired character because of Benetha and Walter. They both are irresponsible and selfish and dont think about the good of the family. Walter thinks more about money and becoming the man of the house but does not act responsible enough to manage it. It seems like Ruth gets streesed about the actions Walter and Benetha take.

In what ways is Ruth handling the problems since she's the one thats the head iof the household? Though i still agree with you.


She acts as the mother of Walter and Benetha and deals with Walters attitude while acting as the wife by cleaning, cooking, and taking care of travis.



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