I have just recorded my first video screencast on Jing and want to insert it into a Windows Movie Maker file (between images and flip video recordings). I know I need to convert the file (FLV to AVI?) and perhaps reduce the size, as my slow internet connection won't allow long uploads. Any ideas?

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There's a pretty cool website that's supposed to let you convert almost any file into a different type of file. I haven't tried it the way you want to, but maybe it's worth a try. I don't think it'll reduce the size of the file, though.

I have not used a FLIP video recorder, but I have converted several FLV files to other formats using eRightsoft's Super Converter.
Seems to me the Jing files are not FLVs but SWFs (both Flash files so a converter might work I suppose...). I'd try searching google for SWF to AVI converter and see what comes up.
Thanks Kevin - You're right - Jing videos are SWF files. I have downloaded six different converters, but none have been successful. I've wasted far too much time on this already.......... Are all other screencast videos just screencast - no other formats?
Thanks for all your suggestions. Youconvertit says it is an invalid file and Zamzar says it has no extension. Still trying.
Hi All -- The best by far SWF converter that I've tried (and I've run almost the full gamut of online and downloadable programs) is Bytescout SWF to Video Scout. Scroll down the page about half way until you see 'SWF to Videoscout'. Interestingly you get a 30 day free trial with NO WATERMARK. and then if you purchase you get another 30 days to try again during which you can get your money back. You may lose a little quality, but if you play with the settings a little, you can get a pretty viewable version.



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