I created a Blogpost about Alphabet Photography as a way to learn your community as well as complete assignments using vocabulary in your class. I wanted to get your thoughts about it as well as other ideas you had for such a project. Seemed like a good and different way to study vocabulary....


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Interesting idea, Michael! As an art/community/social awareness project, I think the idea is brilliant. As a vocabulary assignment, not so much. I think I remember seeing a website that focuses on "found" letters to use in a project, but I love the idea/challenge of finding the letters in your own community. Great art project idea for grades 9-12.
The vocab part comes in creating a post with the art. On the poster you can put the definition of a statement...if it is a math term you could even generate problems as examples of the definition. It would be an extension of a Word Wall
True... but the ratio of time spent finding the photos vs. the time spent dealing with the terminology is too heavy with the photos. Finding 8 letters in the context of their community would take a considerable amount of time for the average secondary student. I think that time forces the student to lose track of the real objective, which is to understand the terminology behind the art. I still think it's brilliant as an advanced art project.
I see your point. That is why the teacher is giving the students over the holiday break to take the pictures, so that when they come back to school, the focus is then on the terminology. I attached a sample of what the teacher is tryign to do. The idea is that her students created her vocab wall for her.



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