I released my game on my Year 9s and 10s and they got right into it! Anyway, you want to read my blog about the ARG at my school, it is here. I will say this, the students were more engaged in this assignment than i have ever seen them!


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Alrighty decided to swallow my pride and blog the incident of the student finding my blog revealing EVERYTHING. He has agreed to keep quiet and I agreed to not have him on detention until 2016.


By the way, thanks for 'nogoogle' hint Kev. I hope that trick works.

Happened to me today!

I very naively started building a wiki about ARGs in Education (Think I even started it after this discussion!) and used the same wiki login as the puppetmaster of my arg. One of my students told me today "so, I found agent(nogoogle)tarus' other wiki". I'm still playing off that Tarsus is not me (they know me as Da Vinci) but still I felt like a total fool.

How could i let that slip?!

Oh well, I'm still having a blast and so are the kids!
Oh no!!!

They are cunning little buggers!
Right chaps (a gender non-specific term these days I am told)

I launched the fourth and final part of my ARG today. We had a bit of a pause in activity because of some visitors from Nagasaki to the school.

Part four asks the students to choose between two missions.
(a) help the mad scientist and get rich AND in the process complete the last learning task
(b) help the reporter thwart the mad scientist, repair the time-line AND complete a slightly different learning task.

I've attached the files (with the unfortunate typos my students made me aware of)

For those of you not able to read Japanese, option A asks the kids to 'look at "66" on the institute of traffic webpage and click' See here: http://institutefortraffic.wetpaint.com/

Option B asks them 'who sits at the front of the school. Please talk (to them)'. It was the front office staff at our school who had been asked to (once given the right phrase) send them back to me (mwahahahahahaha) for the mission. Annoying! here is the mission they get
I need you to complete write 500 words on wiki about why Musashi is important in Japanese history using the themes you have already researched as reference points. Once he understands his role in Japanese history he will be able to overpower Dr Tonkin and return to fulfill his destiny.

The term ends on Friday next week and I need to get this all wrapped up soonish.
BTW, if you check out my blog (http://altrealitygameadhsnogoogle.blogspot.com/) you will see comments by the gloating student who found...well....everything.
Heh, love the comment.

Since I have been doing my ARG strictly out of class this year I haven't felt quite the "I need to make this more educational" pull yet but I can understand where you're coming from. The more I see them playing through the game the more I see it as a way to assess more than to teach. There is definitely some content to learn within the game as I've built it so far but it is minor. I feel that once I have a good handle on how they handle the different type of puzzles I'll be able to inject more content in places.

As far as your struggle with determining how much to keep the "reality" part versus the game part I had one of my students say to me today "I don't know why you keep acting like this is all serious, we all know it is a game!"

Now, this is the same student who just yesterday BEGGED me to use my computer because she had found a CD from one of our on-campus contacts and she HAD to know what was on it and then went on to tell me today how creepy it was and how much she wanted me to just tell her everything about it.

I just kept playing off that I had no idea what she was talking about as I hadn't listened to the cd at all. Ya, of course I made it, and she may end up 99% sure of that but there is still that 1% that keeps her guessing and frankly that's enough for me to go on!

I think there is value for those kids who play along and just as much value for those kids whose true interest is discovering the man behind the curtain.

Also of note, I floated the idea of teaching an elective course next year using the ARG as a centerpiece to my admins today and they seemed quite intrigued. I'd be exhausted every day but I think that would be great fun.
Hey Kev (and any other ARG-ers) I was going to run a bit of an evaluation on this assignment at the end of it. What do you think about trying to come up with a similar feedback system so that we can compare numbers? I think it would be interesting to try to measure engagement, application, frustrations etc (especially since your students are a little younger). Thoughts?
I am currently working my way through my first run with an ARG so I would interested in creating something.
fantastic. I'll start something in google docs soonish and share it with you so we can work from the same pro-forma.
I absolutely agree. I was going to do an evaluation all along and it would be nice to do one that can be compared to others. Some of the questions will need to be open ended but I'm sure we can have some sort of basic questions that can be easily compared.
Hey Cameron,
I am really interested in ARGs but I have never experienced any first hand. I tried to click on the link you provided above but it said it didn't exist. Do you have another link so I can see what you have been up to?
I'd love to learn more and maybe try to make one myself for next year.
How about this

but i must admit I don't understand why the link isn't working.



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