I am an administrator at an alternative school that has recently obtained a lot of technology for their students. I am looking for ideas to "Grab" our students... Please bring on the ideas!!!!!!!

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I would suggest SMART Boards or interactive whiteboards are great for instruction and Student Response systems (clickers) are great for assessment and keeping student's attention. I would ask several companies to do a demo for you to see which technologies would best suit your school, teachers and students.

There is also a lot of web 2.0 websites and software you can buy or use to help students collaborate and learn from people from around the world.

Another idea might be to use ipod touches, ipads or tablet PCs.
Could you be more specific about what kinds of technology you have in mind? There are some great ideas but they depend on what you have available...
Have them create their own song-inspired media projects and PSA's ...



Here is an article about the media project and other tech ideas...

I visited your site and love the idea of song insipered projects.
Also check out Learning From Lyrics FB group for more project examples and resources. See info page for additional links, new members always welcome ! http://bit.ly/aK5LT5
By the end of Sept we will have smartboards, netbooks for each student, responders, digital cameras, and flip videos.
Since you seem to have all the technology you need the next step would be to look at web 2.0 apps to put the tech to work.  Glogster comes to mind as a 
attention grabbing site.  Visuwords and wordle would good tools 
for language lessons.  Doing videos with kids on topics they care about
would go a long way to engaging their interests.  
My students loved glogster last year. I am interested in trying some other activities this year- I like the idea of learning from lyrics... There are so many great opportunities for students to learn creatively now!



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