I'm so bummed. The internet filter at school just started blocking GoAnimate.com. If you haven't stopped by, it's a great animation site that can be used in a variety ways in the classroom. Does anyone know of any good alternatives? It would be nice to be able to download software to prevent a repeat.

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Have you asked that it be unblocked? What reason do they give for blocking it? Or, is it just in a blocked category?
Hey Jim,
I put in a request online and it was rejected within minutes for the uber-specific reason that "some content not suitable for children." I guess that's true since you can make the characters fight with various weapons. All the same, I teach 12th graders, and I monitor them constantly. They were pretty psyched to start their animations.

Doing some research, it seems there are some good software packages available that do similar things. Can anyone recommend one of those for me? Or if there are other websites that might not be blocked, I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Have you ever tried xtranormal.com? You type in the text and create characters that act out a scene and speak what you have typed. Options are pretty limited in the free version, but there is enough to create some neat videos!
I love xtranormal. Toondoo will kind of do what Goanimate does, except without the animate part =/
had a fun time with xtranormal! thanks! here's one i did for the Bloggers' Cafe at AASL
The problem I have with that site is that kids spend 3 minutes on the scripts and 3 days on the animation. Take away the animation part and there rarely any content there. Yes, there are exceptions, but the overwhelming majority of the examples I've seen were void of content and certainly void of higher level thinking.
Of course, xtranormal is blocked, as well. This must be what it feels like to access the internet from China.
xtranormal is no longer free....arghhhh
You might try scratch from MIT. It is not exactly the same but it works well.
Hi Justin,
I am the Community Manager for Goanimate. I just wanted to let you guys know that we are currently working on a seperate site that is being created specifically for schools and grades K-12. We have alot of educators that use our current platform for their classes but have gotten a lot of feedback about concern for the possibility of inapropriate content being found by their students. This is why we are creating the new site. It would allow schools to set up accounts and the animations they create would only be able to be accessed by others that go to the same school. This way we can help preserve students privacy and better control what content they are exposed to. We are hoping to have the site up and running as soon as possible. We would love any suggestions from educators while we are still in the creation phase.

Thank You,
Michelle Wiley
Goanimate Community Manager
Sounds great Michelle. Do you have any timelines in mind for the new launch?
We are currently putting most of our resources on this project and hope to have it completed within the next month. Please let me know of any suggestions that you would like to see included :)
In the meantime we do offer another product called GoAnimate-in-a-Box This is a product that schools can also control the content that is allowed and can be embedded directly on the schools website.



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