I'm so bummed. The internet filter at school just started blocking GoAnimate.com. If you haven't stopped by, it's a great animation site that can be used in a variety ways in the classroom. Does anyone know of any good alternatives? It would be nice to be able to download software to prevent a repeat.

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Thanks, Michelle. I'm very pleased to hear that you're working on K-12 friendly version of GoAnimate. I'm assuming that the GoAnimate-in-a-box is a service that schools purchase, based on the fact that the contact email involves the sales department?
Hi Justin, The GoAnimate-in-a Box is a great product that will also include our new Custom Character Creator. It can be purchased by schools and then placed directly on the schools website. The school would then be able to completely customize and control the content allowed on the platform.
LOVE this idea!! about how much is it per site?
i've just fallen in LOVE with Go!Animate & blogged about Go!Animate and just made a wikpage Introduction to it.. so far, it's not blocked in my county...(but knowing how things work i bet it is soon! [shakes fist]) the DOMO site has even more kid-friendly content.....also gonna present this at the upcoming AASL conference in Charlotte...i SO have my fingers crossed.. my county just blocked Twitter AND Flickr....it's so maddening!

see my blog entry for a special offer from CEO Alvin for Media Specialists & Teachers to get started with free go points!
approx. how much $$ and is it MAC friendly? i love the idea!
ps. my latest - i did *quickly* showing fellow media specialists in a PD session how easy it was to do!

GoAnimate.com: Beam Me Up Databases! by gwyneth

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!
Hi Gwyneth :)
The price for the GoAnimate-in-a-Box varies on bandwidth needed etc.
It is best to contact sales@goanimate.com and Alvin can get back to you with an accurate quote. It's a very cool product, especially for sites that want to keep the traffic on their site and really need to control the content that is accessable. You can even use our new Character Creator and make custom character to be included in the cast!
Oh and yes, it would work on a mac or any pc as long as it has the latest version of Flash player installed.
Btw- Love your animations and the custom character you made! :)
We are also getting closer to finishing up our school platform for grades K-12. We're in the process of getting feedback from educators as we finish up. Please contact me directly if anyone is interested in helping us in taking a look and providing suggestions.

Michelle Wiley
GoAnimate Community Manager
Hi Michelle,
I would love to test out your school version of GoAnimate and give you feedback.
I just found this posting. Has GoAnimate come out yet with an educational site? Is it free? Does it still have the violence? Would it be appropriate for 4th graders?
I got a reply the other day that it is NOT out yet. I thought I would go ahead and try the regular "GoAnimate" with my 5th grade class, but as soon as you go to the page, there is an advertisement from GoAnimate that says "Promote your charity with a kick ass presentation." Also, on the bottom of the page was an example to look at.......... titled "Revenge of the Turds!!!!" Definitely NOT APPROPRIATE FOR ELEMENTARY EDUCATION!!! I hope we don't have to wait too long for the educational site!!!
Try http://domo.goanimate.com/ instead. You can't add voice to it but they can make animations. I usually login and start on the Create page at http://domo.goanimate.com/create
Thanks Vicky, I'll take a look at that!
Hi Michelle,

Is the K-12 version of GoAnimate up and running?

I made some fun GoAnimate commercials for our Technology Staff developments. Check them out if you get a chance.



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