I'm looking for a digital bulletin board like Pinterest BUT w/flexibility to move and organize pins, link to Diigo bookmarks, add my own standalone notes, etc. It should be visually oriented and easy to share the link so others can view my ideas (for free); ideally I could turn commenting on or off.

Wallwisher has some of these features but I'm not keen on the 160 character limit and clunky appearance.

Does such a thing exist?? Please advise asap! Thanks for taking the time to share your insight.

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Would ScoopIt be of interest? I personally think it is visually more appealing. The free model is limited but does allow you, I think 5 free pages. 

I use it for the top 20 posts on my blog, it's really easy to change every week as you can move stuff around or delete or add some new items. As you'll see that links takes you straight to one of my ScoopIt pages.

Thanks for responding, Colleen. ScoopIt is one of the sites I looked at a bit. Haven't had a chance to play to see how my content would look or how easy it is to move things around on the page. Can you create subheadings under a topic on a page? Can users have multiple pages for one topic (5 topics permitted under free version) or have multiple topics per page?

On your page I see that each section is the product of a link to your blog (as you indicated). Is it possible to build content directly in a section (e.g., an explanation that refers to several other links on the page) or must all content come from links?

Thanks for your time and suggestions!!!

Each 'Scoop' is a web page so it all depends what you have on that page. When you add a Scoop you have the chance to enter the text you want displayed.

Worth a play with the free model to see if it can do what you want.

Have you thought about a blog? 

I will play around with the free version; looks like fun.

A blog seems too linear for what I'm thinking - looking for something more organic and visual. But I'll keep it in mind!

Thanks again!

I think Symbaloo would be perfect for what you are describing. I also, think it is more fun to use StumbleUpon than Pinterest.

Thanks for the idea, Wynter! I'll check it out.

I'm going to send you an invite to the new Mightybell v.2 beta.  I think you're going to love it.

I appreciate that, Steve. Looking forward to exploring Mightybell.


What about Corkboard?  Very simple but does the job. Wallwisher is another along the same lines. 



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