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I write a blog addressed to students (as well as another for educators) and thought I'd set up a Facebook page as well - and see what happens!

Now I'm wary of using Facebook - a minefield and would certainly not be friends with current students but a Facebook page avoids all that does it not?

Does anyone use Facebook pages? Have students engaged with them?

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I haven't used FB in the classroom, but I did recently read this article that you might find interesting. Good luck!

I think most educators stay away from using facebook as an educational tool because that is not what it is intended for.  Edmoto may be a better place to start since it looks similar to facebook, but is intended for educational purposes.  However, if you are confident you can avoid those minefields and you have support from administration, the go for it!  It would be interesting to hear how it turns out.

Thank you for the replies. I am very wary of Facebook but a page is just a page - I'm not trying to be friends with anyone - just posting information for students. For education - I have Moodle / Wordpress and many other sites - just putting my Maths for students posts on a Facebook page which anybody can take or leave and seeing what happens!

It sounds like you have thought this through and are leaning toward launching the Facebook page.  My advice would be to be smart and try it.  If you think that the page is causing any problems for you or students then I would delete the page immediately. 

So true Stacey - I can delete it any time!

Here it is for now

....and still feeling experimental - Twitter as well!



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