I want to create  cartoon animations, using the faces of real people. I'd like to do this so that we can record the conversation and have the characters look like they are speaking. We have MACs. Is there any free software out there to accomplish this? We'd also like to add background images to the animation. 


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Doug Valentine has great animations.  Go to the media section and search Hot Dog and you will see some of them.  The software isn't free but it isn't super expensive either.
The program he uses is called Crazy Talk from Reallusion.com  Don't know what he uses for the backgrounds. 
Thanks so much. I'll check it out.

I was going to recommend Crazy Talk as well but I'm not sure they have a Mac client.  Also, unless they'ved updated it recently it doesn't handle multiple characters at once.  You could create two seperate ones and drop them into a single background using a video editor though.


As far as free goes, it depends how you want it to look. There are free sites out there where you can add moving mouths to your photos but in my experience they were all awful. They don't sync with audio, the animation is bad and having no movement in the face is really disturbing.  Crazy Talk addresses all those problems and does it beautifully.

I know this as rotoscope.  Very cool!  google rotoscope and you will find very cool activities



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