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We had some discussion earlier about Go!Animate and i have more information on the school version which i'll be sharing during the webinar Thursday (info below)
...But i'm curious to ask...which products have you used with your students or for yourself to promote your program or special projects? Which were the easiest? Did you stumble across any resistance or inappropriate content? Xtranormal has a motion of a "up yours" that i can't see using with my kids yet....as a tool for library promotion i've found it very effective. Thoughts?

So yeah...this is both shameless webinar promotion but also getting some feedback that i can use for further presentations on this subject....thanks!!!!

Live Thursday! Marketing Through Easy Animation: ISTE SIGMS FREE Webinar

Thursday, December 10 at 8pm EST/7pm EST/6pm MST/5pm PST
Presenter: Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones

Promoting your library media center and program has never been easier. Using quick, free, and easy animation studios teacher librarians can create engaging videos to market their media center, databases, research resources, special programs, and their love of reading to students, teachers, and the community. Combining easy animation with a wiki, website, or a blog your message will captivate your audience and reach beyond the brick and mortar walls of your school. Watch this Xtranormal animation to get a "taste" of the webinar. Library Media Marketing Through Easy Animation

Directions to join the SIGMS webinar event
1. Check that your computer is set up for Adobe Connect by visiting Adobe Connect Pro Connection Test
2. Use this URL to enter the webinar room 10 - 15 minutes before starting time: http://Montgomery.na4.acrobat.com/SIGMS
3. Enter as a guest and type your first and last name.
4. Here is a link to a Visual Quick Start guide (pdf) to help you if this is your first webinar event.

Click below to check out the Xtranormal animation for this webinar:

for more resources check out my Animation Studios Wiki

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Hi Gwyneth,

Looking forward to the webinar! I will be attending so that I can answer any questions if anyone has any :)

GoAnimate Community Manager
That's Great Michelle! and don't mind that we'll also be talking about Blabberize & Xtranormal :-)
it will be great to have you there as a live resource and to show how committed Go!Animate is to good customer service and working with technology educators & schools!
The link for the Adobe test is: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/351/d83c3511.html



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