My Mom is a professor at UC Irvine and I introduced her to an online tool called Faculte to use in her classroom. You can mashup videos, power points, documents, images and all sorts of other media into a comprehensive presentation that you can distribute via email or embed on a web page as a player or a widget.

Educators are always looking for the best way to reach their students, and since kids are so tech savvy these days it is important to teach them in a way that is appropriate for the times. A professor at the University of Virginia created this "Broadcast" for his students.

Check it out!

I've been looking through the forums and I really feel that many of you could benefit from something like this. Hope this helps :)

If ANYONE has questions or wants more information...email me! aaronlefevre@yahoo.com

Aaron Lefevre

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Hmmmm, nothing to do with the fact that you work for them then...

This is just an ad for your product.

Very observant of you

Is this not a website dedicated to teachers looking for technology in the classroom?

I'm not in sales, and if you took the time to find out more information, you would find that my primary goal in the company is to find pilot customers to offer our services for FREE and gather feedback. Not free on a trial basis, not free with the intent of having anyone pay.

Faculte is a startup company, and the hardest part of startups is getting traction, especially in a market like this. Were looking for teachers like Paul Harper (from the link in my post), to help us out by creating content and giving us feedback, all for free.

CR 2.0 doesn't allow for spammers, and I hope you can realize that I am just trying to let people know about something that I am passionate about.


I just found your site and it is great and easy to use. It will be a great resource for the classroom. I for one will continue to test it out and will likely from what I have seen pay for the higher aspects.

Please keep these sites coming even if it is a sales pitch...we teachers need the info to stay on top of the game.

That's great news!

I'm not sure if you read my response to Jonathan, but we are looking for pilot customers during out startup phase. We are trying to position ourselves so that when we do start to actually sell it to people, we will know have a list of use cases and user generated content we can use as examples.

If you would like, we can chat and I can set you up with a premium account for free and hopefully we can work together to make it available to more teachers!

Email me: aaronlefevre@yahoo.com :)
Aaron Lefevre
The video you included is excellent. In an alternative school where studying and surviving are often at odds; videos become attention grabbers for traditional lesson material. Classroom 2.0 tools are vital in many ways.



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