We are interested in developing an activity where students podcast as a nightly homework assignment using a phone. We are looking for Web 2.0 application that would make this possible... we used to use GCast but it is no longer a free service! Any ideas????

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This is an excerpt from an email I sent to someone with the same question:

The only one I've personally used is Yodio which is fairly easy, but also a bit cumbersome. Otherwise, I can only direct you to what other people have offered as alternatives:



http://cinch.blogtalkradio.com/ which almost looks TOO easy (See what Daily Splice said about it.)
drop.io is perfect for this - http://drop.io/ Each account includes a unique call-in phone number and email address. When students call, their voicemail is turned into an mp3 file that is easily downloaded. Students can customize their "drop" pages and also add different types of media, for instance by emailing a photograph from their phone or email, or by uploading media.
This idea takes into consideration the alignment of a couple different variables, these being: What you consider a podcast, if all students have video on their phone (I think they all do at this point) and if they can all have media cards.

So, with those in mind. You can have students create a "Vodcast" with their phone. Once they do, they can pull the video off their phone (This is where a media card comes in handy if this happens at school. Compatibility issues; without it, you would have to deal with every brand of phone out there, drivers etc) and upload them to www.schooltube.com or similar. You can use RSS if sydication is an important part of this project, but otherwise students, teachers, parents, etc can watch the videos from anywhere.



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