Hi, I have the last 4 Googlewave invites. Pls let me know if you need one and I'll send it to you right away.
Be aware that in order for me to be able to send the invite, I will need you to give me an e-mail address.
For security reasons and if you don't want everyone to look at your e-mail address you can:
1. add me as a colleague and send your e-mail address through a message
2. or (this will be faster) just send the e-mail address to mariana.projects@gmail.com
You will receive your account immediatly

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I would like to receive a goolgle wave invite.
Thank you
Done! Enjoy Dotty!
I have a few invites to give if you get too many requests. Let me know!
Thanks Michael, I will!
In the meanwhile.... feel free to add me: mariana.projects@googlewave.com
Michael, I'd like one if you have an extra.
Dear Fred,
Pls. let me know if you already have your invite. I still have some left.
I would like an invite, please.

Thank you
Dear Mariana,
My email address is kgentry@glnd.k12.va.us. Thanks!
Done! Hope you enjoy it!
I would like an invite as well. Thank you.
Dear Study Palette,
I will be adding you as a friend so you can send me the e-mail address you want me to send the invite to. Or if you prefere, you can send me a mail to mariana.projects@gmail.com with the same info.



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