Hi everyone my students can perform (age 4 to 14 yrs) multiplications or any arithimatic ex. TWO DIGITS X TWO DIGITS, THREE X THREE DIGITS within 10 seconds or Double nos approx 100 nos ( add & substractions) can do in 2 minutes time without using any pen, paper or any electronic device and just they are doing with mind only, Actually this is amazing skills around 25,000 students under my supervision, if anybody wants to see their performance in visual i can send to their mail id, Now i am ready to teach through vedio conferencing in the skype my mail id: is

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Dear Mr. Venkat

I am a trainer in vedic concepts. I'd like to know more about this abacus kindly let me know if it would be possible to learn this & provide the input to my students.
Hi Sridhar thank u for enquiry about Abacus course, Actually we are using Abacus Instrument for our Skills development and i will tell u one more thing i.e our students are doing 4 digits x 4 digits multiplications without using any instrument and they are calculating with mind only but Vedic/Speed maths learners can perform with the help of speed/vedic maths but they will do with technic or simple methods, so if you are interested to learn abacus course or if you have any doubts pl contact in this discussion fourm or pl contact to my mail id:
Hi Sridhar thank u for showing interest because of you are the only one person knows the value of skill development / mental Arithimatic skills and more ever we are mostly depend on technology and it is very good sign and the same time we are becoming a ROBERT and we are not giving stress/gym to our brain so we will not become a creaters for example a small calculations also we are depending on calculators or computers etc, so i am asking you whether it is good or bad for our next generation?



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