Just wondering if anyone has used Schoology and your impressions of it.

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http://app.emaze.com/218806/untitled    see if this might help 

The Schoology blog has lots of quick tutorials on different aspects of the program.  Also http://www.youtube.com/user/schoology/videos  has lots of videos for the more visual learners.

Good luck - we are hoping to implement Schoology districtwide next year - I have been using it for last 4 years and wouldn't teach (voluntarily at least) without it. 

The first link says that I need a password?

Thank you!

We are on our second year of Schoology. So far we have had great success with it. Both teachers and students love it. Our teachers use it for multiple purposes. Including: Class discussions, assigning homework's, tests/quizzes, messaging with students and many other uses. From an administrators perspective it is great because of all the tools that it provides you to manage students and staff. Overall it is a great tool. 

This year our school is looking at switching LMS programs from one called eClass to ?? It has been my job to research different platforms and present my findings to teachers and admin. I have used everything from Moodle to Blackboard to Angel to Edmodo...the list goes on. The thing is, I keep coming back to Schoology mainly because it just feels good to use.

There are other reasons (which have been detailed in other posts), but there are certain things about Schoology where you just think, hey that is really cool. For example, when students turn something into the dropbox, and you ask for a revision, their next submission is labeled '2nd revision'. You can have other students peer edit and make comments. It seems that the guys at Schoology really know education and include all those little details. And when it comes down to it, teachers and students love it because it's interface is what they are familiar with. The Google Docs and Calendar integration is awesome, and you can even use it free if you don't mind the Schoology logo! But get it while it's cheap before the price goes up!

Outside of these small things, Schoology appears to be well funded so it shouldn't be one of those here today and gone tomorrow programs. I met with the rep via a webinar and he was very helpful and knowledgeable. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can persuade my school to make the jump! Hope this helps!

thanks Josh - We're just starting to look at these solutions and I may be asking for more info if you're available. Greg

lakers - let me know if you still can't get in and I will try to share a different way

That password didn't work :(

Trying again - let me know


No, still no luck :(

I'm in Delaware and we recently took time to choose a new platform for students to use to bring a blended learning experience to the state.  We chose schoology mostly because of its ease to use, while still having capabilities to be versatile for the more experienced users.  

When we were choosing what platform to adopt, we had to take into account that most people are not very tech savvy so we couldn't go with one that was difficult to use.  We also had to consider students who didn't have home internet access, and schoology has an app available so students can use their phones to access that or the mobile site.  

Personally, my favorite capability is that it can create units that require students to pass in order to move on.  That plus the instant feedback on student assessments and the statistics that are available to me for my class as a whole has proven to be very beneficial.

If you message me your school email, I will send you a google drive link?

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