Just wondering if anyone has used Schoology and your impressions of it.

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This is my second year using Schoology, and I love the features.  It has allowed me to be a paperless classroom.  I have a couple other teachers in our building who are also using it.  This year they added some nice features - the album and the discussion area is great.  I use Edmodo  for my 5th and 6th grade students, but move to Schoology for the 7th and 8th grade students.

I am curious as to why you chose Edmodo over Schoology for your younger classes.  What is your opinion on Edmodo VS Schoology.  Our superintendent is leaning toward Schoology, but I like the user-friendliness of Edmodo.  I teach high school English, 9th and 10th grade.  I was introduced to Edmodo this year and have implemented it in my classroom, however, my sup is pushing for Schoology.  Can you give me your thoughts?

Schoology has so many parts to it - it is a bigger learning curve for the teacher and class.  For the younger students, Edmodo is more straightforward and like you said - user-friendly.

My first year teaching 7/8 technology, I had found Edmodo - the kids loved it and it allowed me to create a paperless classroom (what a joy not to fight with them printing 10 copies when the printer was out of paper and they thought they didn't hit print- and the best was there was never a question for students/parents/teachers what was turned in and when - helped when parents/students were upset that I "lost" a paper or marked it as late - the date stamp was there and if they couldn't find it, they must not have checked that it was turned in - shifted some of the responsibility back to the student - YEAH!!!!

However, when I asked my class after their 8th grade year - one with Edmodo and one with Schoology - they liked Schoology better, but thought that starting with Edmodo with the younger students was a good idea.  If your younger students are pretty computer savvy, I'd go right to Schoology, but mine as a whole were not real comfortable with the technology

Now Schoology - for high school, I would definitely go this route - closer to Blackboard that many will use in college and has an interface that mirrors many of the features of Facebook that this age student is usually familiar with. Also the discussion area for blogging/class discussion, the ability to post galleries of pictures, links, files, pages (information for them to access) and the ability to expand to include clubs and study groups more easily  puts Schoology ahead for high school (and 7/8 grade) - students who function in the facebook world.

If you would like, I have an "inservice" class (one I use when I present inservices so that teachers can get a chance to look around) set up that you can join and look around if you message me. (If I forget to tell you - use a gmail or yahoo address so you don't lock yourself out of your school email address)

Forgot to mention - Schoology can be set up for a whole school system - students can see multiple classes/groups/messages in one place from multiple teachers, You may be able to do that in Edmodo also, but I have only had other teachers join me in Schoology - the elementary teachers don't have enough computer access to efficiently use Edmodo with their students outside of the technology class.

Would love to help if you have more questions. 

Also - just my 2 cents - you may also want to look at Google Docs if you are on a PC platform - our high school teachers are beginning to use this because it allows them a place to conference/edit with the students and to allow for collaborative work.  Google Docs will link to Schoology to make it easy to turn in any assignments created in Google Docs.

This is awesome information.  I am going to forward it to my superintendent.  Also, I would very much like to view your inservice.  My superintendent would also be intersted I am sure.  Can you tell me how to get us both on that, please?

I am going to send you a friend request, then I can send you the login.

got it.  tag your it.  can i share the login with my superintendent, mr. duffy

Yes please.

Which one do you think is better for 11 years old students? I'm starting to work with a class 2.0 and I have to decide which LMS use. It's a difficult decision because, in my opinion, Schoology have more interesting and useful features than Edmodo, but Edmodo is simpler then Schoology for younger students (and for teachers who don't have good IT skills). Consider also that I'm not english. I'm Italian and I teach in an Italian school. A real challenge for me!!!!!

I am relatively new to Schoology, and have been trying to wrap my head around how I can use it within the context of my program.  I'm an Adult Educator that preps people for entering our Credit Program, College or any specific training for Employment.  Each program is individualized and there is continuous enrollment.  What I need is a platform that will give the students access to the curriculum, specific to their needs and provide an opportunity for those that can't come to school regularly (for whatever reason), to have an online/correspondence mode of delivery.  So, my question is, is Schoology the right place for this?  I can't wrap my head on how I can apply this to my classroom.  If you have any other options/solutions, I'm open to it.  Thanks, in advance, for your time!!

I have messaged you/asked to friend - I think I may be able to help you work on this.  I think Schoology could be used for what it sounds like you are doing.

Thanks a lot!!  I appreciate any help I can get.  So there's hope... LOL!!!  The class is run in a non-traditional way in that everyone is at a different level, working on different tasks, in different domains (subject areas) and on top of that, at different times.  The program I've developed gives these adult learners a couple more options to do work via correspondance, while providing a means of communication and tracking.  Right now I'm using the online platform called "Keep and Share".  It's not very user friendly, but is doing the job, when it wants to cooperate.  I need something more reliable, user friendly and easily accessible.  Once again, thanks a lot for your time.  I look forward to hopefully get this up and running. 

I'm interested in the info you give teachers on Schoology for training. I'm training our staff this coming Monday, March 24th and would love anything you can share. Thank you!



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