I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has made apps for their iPads. I've had a bit of a look around and have checked out App Makr and App Press, but the publication of apps can be expensive.   The Mac Xcode is not easy, but probably with practice is learnable, being a non -  programming type person, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in making apps for their classes and would be willing to share and discuss.


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We're working to have students create their own apps. The Google App Inventor is great and easy-to-use for Android but, of course, those apps won't work for iOS. (Plus, Google is handing it over to MIT at the end of the year, so who knows how it will change?) The Apple Developer Software is pretty intense for kids, so I asked educational gaming expert Henry Danielson for advice. He suggested ARIS.


ARIS is an open-source (FREE) program through the University of Wisconsin that allows users to create location-based games. The user interface is extremely simple -- you can build games through the ARIS app or through their website. Obviously, though, with simplicity, you give up being robust, so the program really is meant only for location-based games. Once you create one, you tag it to your location. Then, students can access the ARIS app, which is available in the app store, and they can find the specific game based on their location. I'm not sure if it will meet your needs, but it's worth a look.


Let us know what you decide -- I'm extremely interested in any other iPad app building options.


Good luck!


Katy Scott

Stretch Your Digital Dollar

Hi Katy,
Thanks for that, will have a look and let you know.



My name is Pablo Benvenuto and with my partners we have been developing a Learning Management System, which is free, web based, it works on the iPad and it integrates with games and ebooks.  You have to check it out and tell me what you think: http://www.studybuddycampus.com.  Email me with your feedback: pablo.benvenuto@studybuddycampus.com


Hi Pablo,

thanks for the link and look at your site, looks impressive, will have a detailed look once I have free time.

Had a  look at ARIS, not really what I am after, thanks anyway.  Still dabbling with App Makr and App Press, but not getting that far, need more time to learn how to use them, will keep trying and let you all know.

Hey Kendall,

I have experience in making apps. Right now we are working on a free eLearning tool for teachers.

The iPad app is coming soon. With our app you can create your courses and tests etc.

What are you looking for exactly? For someone that doesn't have programming experience and on a budget you can find freelancers overseas that create apps (though it depends how complex you want your app).







I am very excited about iGenApps.  You can already get it on Android, and is coming soon to the App Store and iOS "soon."  It allows you to create your own Apps on your iphone.  Looks to be pretty cool.  Here is the link!




iGenApps looks pretty exciting -- I'm going to have to try it out. Thanks!!!

HI Bobby,

what sort of app maker are you using?  Is it free or need to be bought or is it the Mac software.  I've looked at the freelancers and will look at the budget as well.  Basically, I would like an app that one is similar to what you are doing and also make another or others that include stimulus material like pictures and then have Chinese language based activities.  Any ideas or hints appreciated!  Thanks for your feedback too.

We have been developing our app using ruby on rails, but we have in-house programmers doing it.

You should go to sites like vworker.com, post your project there get some quotes.



OK, have made some progress since last post, which was last year, so yes it has been a long and slow process. Two things of some significance has happened lately. 1st, about a few months ago, someone suggested using Hype to create apps, but its not a strand alone app, being HTML based, so although it works fine in ibooks and on the Mac Book, its more like a widget, which is a type of app, or thats what I could gather. Hype is pretty intuitive and if you know HTML it helps, but not necessary, I dont know any programming language and could do some basic building with it, but may do a introductory course on it later this year. Second devleopment was purchasing an app development book from the book shop, the dummies version, which is about my level. Have read into it a bit, doesnt look too daunting and it looks clearly set out, will keep this post updated.



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