I developped an App for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad called iVocaudio, thanks to which users (and especially students) can memorize much quicker. It's based on audio exclusively, which makes it very fast to record list of vocabulary, definitions, formulas, lessons etc. Then the app create audio tests in such a way that users are questionned first on the items they know the less.


Here is the link to itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ivocaudio/id404446774?mt=8

Here is a video demo in English: http://youtu.be/wM2m_RTafws

Here is a picture:


I received many e-mails from individual students who indicated how iVocAudio helped them. However, I'm sure it could be a wonderful tool if integrated in a class, as an option available for all students, depending on their specific profiles and needs.


I'm looking for enthousiast teachers who would accept to test this app in their classroom. Of course, I can offer as many licences as necessary!

Would you accept to partner with me ?



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