Our school will be experimenting with several Android tablets as well as the iPad this summer in hopes of starting a pilot program at some point next school year.  Does anyone have any Apps, Ideas, or Advice they would like to share about using Android Tablets and/or iPads in the classroom?

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I have been provided an Android tablet to play with for the next few weeks.  My goal is to find a way to use it to remote to the classroom desktop and, thereby, control what appears on the SmartBoard.  I have come across of many different apps to do this but I am not sure which of the 50 or so that are out there I should go with.  Do you know of or has anyone provided the names of any apps to you that address this issue?


The idea of completely controlling the content on the board from anywhere in the room by anyone in the classroom is giving me goosebumps... Talk about built-in student engagement!!!  

Peter - sounds like a really neat idea.  I'm not aware of an app that will do that - but I'm really just a beginner to all this.  I wonder if anyone else out there has ideas?
There are some. I have used one but it was sketchy, unreliable. I will try to get the name of it. I don't think that it will be long before we have something that allows this. Part of this is an infrastructure problem. Most schools are too cash strapped to upgrade all their systems at once to allow a seamless, integrated technology environment. Schools use the same computers for years and replace piece by piece which makes technology in schools fragmented, glitchy, and often unreliable. Another problem is that technology in education changes so fast that by the time you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade, something better comes along.

Check these out.


  1. Word Lens – translates signs to other languages via the camera
  2. Molecules – 3D view and manipulate for science
  3. Blackboard Mobile Learn
  4. Today in History – events and people
  5. Math Ref Free - 600 out of over 1,300 formulas, figures, tips, and examples
  6. PI83 Graphing Calculator - With over 100 math functions, the graphing calculator is a clone of the TI-83 without the $70 price tag
  7. Star Walk - adapts its view to wherever the user holds it up to, highlighting constellations and planets
  8. Cram - create flashcards and tests and import and share them with others
  9. Essay Grader - bank of pre-written comments and helps teachers cut down on grading time without writing the same comments over and over again by hand
  10. eClicker - charts the class responses, showing which areas are understood and which need more work


Thanks, Courtney!

I just purchased an iPad with the intention of using it in the classroom. I was a bit hesitant at first because I am not that acquainted with this new technology, however, the students were so excited. They have become the teacher, and I am the student eager to learn. I have installed several apps for the students. Here are a few. I hope it helps.





No doubt the iPad does generate excitement.
Thanks, Jayne
I have not played around with it much and have only researched for my own personal use, but what are some thoughts on the Nook Color?  It seems to be an excellent reader and has the ability to download apps and games and connect to WiFi.  We sort of acknowledged in our technology workshop at the end of the year that whatever we buy will need to supplement a laptop, since there is no way (at least in an English class with many papers to writ!e) that we will be able to completely replace a laptop with a tablet.  So it seems to me that a Nook Color would be a good supplement as a reader (to replace texts) and also with the ability to connect and create interactive learning.  Am I way off on this?
We are looking at purchasing a large number of tablets for our school. We have decided to go with the android os due to it's ability to run flash objects. We will more than likely purchase the acerbic iconia. This tablet allows for a USB keyboard to be attached. This will make it easier to type and keyboards are not that expensive.

I also know some android tablets have voice to text built in. Your students could write a rough draft on paper and then use the voice to text feature to add their papers to an electronic document. Just a thought.
Thanks for sharing, David.  Keep us all posted on how the tablets work for you.
Does anyone know if it is possible to use an iTouch or a basic tablet as a GPS unit?  I have an activity that I would like to do with my students which is very similar to the tv show, "Meteorite Men".  This would combine working with rocks and with mapping.  If these do work as GPS units how accurate can they be?



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