Our school will be experimenting with several Android tablets as well as the iPad this summer in hopes of starting a pilot program at some point next school year.  Does anyone have any Apps, Ideas, or Advice they would like to share about using Android Tablets and/or iPads in the classroom?

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Many of these will fall under our technology guidelines as far as behavior. Teachers are in control of the device in the class for note taking and content. The school is a private Christian school so we have good kids largely and are sort of taking a natural approach to things, this might not be possible in a large public school, we have around 300 high school students. We allow the parents to buy a 40.00 insurance policy that covers theft, loss, or accidental damage. mistakes will be made but new ground is being broken.

Our school went out and purchased a classroom set of the Acer Iconia tablets this week. Right now at Target they are $399 with a $100 gift card back. Almost making the cost half of an ipad. I have greatly enjoyed this tablet. Like the ipad you can type in information, but with this tablet there is also voice to text capabilities, which makes taking notes a breeze. Sometimes it will screw up on what you say, but over all an awesome tablet especially for the price. The other nice part about this tablet is you can use flash on it, where the ipad doesn't have this capability as of yet. Now our math department can use interactive flash material with the tablets. 


I just wanted to let other know that until Saturday 8/20 you can get the deal of $399 + $100 gift card back for this tablet at Target. (Not www.target.com - they won't give the gift card)

Thanks, David. Great deal!
Apple has made it clear that it will never officially support Flash on the iPad.  Until all or most educational websites use HTML5 instead of flash this will continue to be an issue for iPad use in the classroom.
This may have already been answered, but what apps/programs are best for note taking? I would love to experiment with the voice and texting for notes but I'm not quite sure how. Any advice would be great!
I like PDFs on GoodReader, students can scribble on the pdf.
Noretaker HD is pretty good, room for errors.

Try my site, 1,300+ apps by subject, multiple intelligence and Bloom's:


Alline, great site! I hope our teachers check it out.
Here's a link about what we're looking to do: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44384057/ns/technology_and_science-tech...
Anyone ever used tablets for a Twitter discussion in class?
Still have not and cannot see much value in that type of discussion because of the limit on characters. The only value I see in Twitter is as a communication tool, HW, test reminders, etc so far. Twitter seems to me to be exactly contrary to our goals of teaching deeply unless you are requiring the breakdown and compression of information which is probably more suited to a discussion forum/message board. I am open to the idea but am very skeptical, can't wait to see the responses.



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