Are "Interactive White Boards" transformative to your teaching and/or classroom?

Are "Interactive White Boards" transformative to your teaching and/or classroom? We are looking for feedback on whether they are worth the money. Do you really get your bang for your buck?

--- I am not looking for what company is better or what software is better...

Thanks for your feedback everyone!

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Mike, I don't see a creative teacher with PowerPoint and a projector replacing the interaction that a SmartBoard creates. I can't speak for the other IWB options because I haven't used their software.

Verb conjugation in a foreign language is a tough concept for American students. This year my students have a much better grasp of verb conjugations than in past years and I credit the SmartBoard interactive software for that. Sadly, only a few students can manipulate the items on the board at a time, but the rest of the kids are watching. They watch their classmates more than they watch me. When we practiced verb endings, if a student selected the the wrong ending it disappeared while the right ending "stuck." This can't happen with a stagnant PowerPoint presentation

I agree that an IWB is expensive. Unless I can get a computer for every student in my room which would cost A LOT more, I'll keep my SmartBoard. I know it makes a difference in how well my students learn.
One thing about the wii remote option I like is the possibility of having two going at one time (40 second mark of vid). The savings are huge

Don't you need to have 2 projectors to have the two going at one time? I only have one projector, so I don't do the contests. I teach 3rd grade, and I have 3 students at the board at the same time, doing, so whoever knows the answer can click in...had my son make 3 pens for me, and when kids have the option of using a computer, individually, or using the wiiboard, they always choose the wiiboard....Thank you Johnny Lee!
Dale, What is that you are using in the video? It looks like a Palm Pilot, but I am not sure. Thanks,Peke
It's a developer emulator/simulator put out by Palm. I used them all the time when I was developing palm apps.
Does it only work with Palm? Can I use it with my XP desktop or Apple laptop?
It's a simulator that runs on PCs - I'm not sure about Mac. Palm made a whole bunch of them for the various models including those for the TX etc. I've never had any problem running any of the simulators on XP but my Vista 64 bit is another matter.

You download and install the simulators like any other program, In the program file you create a file called " autoload " and put the palm apps (.pdb files) that you want the sim to run automatically.

Here's the site that has the palm software development kits. You'd have to register as a developer (not a big deal) to download them.

Thanks Dale,
I will try it! I loved the competition video!

Hi Patti, that particular competition video wasn't from my classroom although I did run two wiimote whiteboards in my computer lab on a fairly regular basis.

This was in my class last spring with 1st graders

Find more videos like this on MACUL Space
Dale, Thanks for the help! I downloaded in on my Windows 7 machine so I will have to put it on XP before I can try it out. I hope it will go on an external drive so I can use it at school. We are blocked from everything.
Dale, I signed up, but I think I am lost now. I found the Garnet (Palm OS), but I didn't know whether to download the HOST or SKINS. Thanks, Patti
Can't believe I remembered my sign on.

Click on Garnet
Click on Downloads (in the left menu at the top)
Click on Garnet OS development tools
Click on Access Tools
Scroll down to Simulator and download it.

Let me know if that helps.
Autoload had to go into a particular folder



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