Are there any excellent interactive tools on genetics for a sophomore Biology class?

Hi, I'm a first year science teacher. I'm trying to find something really interactive for my students to do during our genetics unit. I was wondering if anyone knew of any web 2.0 tools that work well?

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Hi Jayde.
You could try here:
It has a pretty good range of interactives.
Usually I find that typing "genetics animations" into Google or "genetics flash" or "genetics swf" will bring up a pretty comprehensive range of interactive material.
I am a Science teacher from Australia. Does Sophomore mean "Year 9"? I ask because I teach a Year 9 Science class.
All the best in your first year.
I am not a biology teacher, but I am an ELD coach for one at my site. I found the following sites that he liked:

I have more sites on my website under SCIENCE.

Good luck!

I second the recommendation of the University of Utah Genetics Center. It's great. I usually have my students do the Click and Clone activity. This year we also did the Gel Electrophoresis activity.

NOVA has a nice website on "Cracking the Code." They were kind enough to post the entire 2-hour special presentation that you can stream live for your class. It's broken up into sections which is nice. I usually pick a few to show my class.

I've also compiled a few other classroom resources on genetics on my personal wiki. My favorites are above, but there are a few animations, articles, and labs as well.

If you need any other help, send me an email: jsowash [at] southfieldchristian [dot] org. I'm finishing up my third year so I can vividly remember how crazy it is your first year.
Thanks this is all really helpful information.
Sophomore is grade 10 here and thanks for the help.
There is a really cool app in Second Life - since they are in HS, project your screen while you interact with the science thing in Second Life. It was the subject of an ISTE Eduverse Events a while back. These are all archived online at and Kevin Jarrett would remember (he was the host).

I'd also take a look at what DNA Learning Center has to offer: and and and or
Also, they offer teacher training..




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