If you heard this in the hallway, - If we are to be required to assess educational quality and learning by virtue of how long a student sits in a seat - we have focused on the wrong end of the student. (Laura Palmer Noone) how would you address this dilemma, with reference to the online student?

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I would have to think bout my response to your question but I love the quote. My 5-6 students don't sit still very well at all. I don't have a big problem with that.
While it is true that we need to focus on the students other "end", it is also true that a teacher must remain in control of the classroom.  If students are all roaming around talking then it becomes disruptive not just to other students in the room but to other classes.  An online student can not add to class chaos or noise.  He is often at his leasure to interact with class content.  In a classroom there is finite space, resources, and time for teachers to accomplish a task.  A teacher must decide how much activity is allowed in class and when enough is enough.
Most definitely the students need time out of their seats.  Trying to keep kids in their seats today is next to impossible so you have to "schedule" activities that get them moving.  Have scheduled dance times or sporadic exercising.
I think that getting up and moving away from the computer is most definitely necessary. Keeping someone tied down to a seat for a large amount of time gets tiring for the one that is trying to learn. I know for me if I am sitting in front of a computer for any longer than an hour, even thirty minutes I start to fig-it and my mind starts to go else where. Getting up and moving around helps keep the brain clear and more effective when doing work.



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