Hi, I was wondering if there are any new assistive technology devices out there, that are easy to use, not to expensive and are fairly new devices. Please share any information that you may have.

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It would help if you would give a list of "The Basics" or things that you have already come across. The list of Assistive Technologies is extremely long. Before I begin generating my list (and crash this computer... LOL), I'd like to have a starting point.
Sally Irons
Niles, Michigan
I am looking for a new assisstive technology devices so anything that has come out in the past year or two, that would be a great starting point. Thanks!
While you are on this discussion...I have a couple of students that can't read. Since I teach Educational Technology, I am looking for a (free?) tool that will read web-pages aloud. I tried turning on the Microsoft "Ease of Access" narrator, but it seems to only read the name of the site, and any images I mouse over - not the full text. Not sure what I am doing wrong or if there is a setting I've missed or I just need an additional program. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
Shana Opdenberg
Little Falls, NJ
I am not sure of any free tools, but I do know about the reading pen, although it may be a little expensive. Let me know if you come across any free tools, I am hoping just to learn about some new devices that have come out in the past year. Sorry I am not much help.
Not sure if this is for Mac only,or includes Windows, but I think Safari can read webpages to you. When in Safari, highlight any portion of text, go to the Safari menu and select Services –> Speech –> Start Speaking Text.
Okay that works for me! Thank you!
There are an almost n infinite number of FREE TTS software applications. Ones that I have used are ReadPlease, Natural Reader, and Voxx. In addition, the following links are "portals" for TTS software. They list multiple types/versions of the TTS applications. Good luck with your search!! I hope that you find a program that you like.

Sally Irons




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