AU Virtual High School 2.0 - Plausible idea? Need your view urgently

Dear global teachers,

Following a National ICT Symposium in which the Australian Government participated, I floated the idea of running a pilot Virtual High School, maybe 100 students - using PBL and Web2.0 - a kind of virtual New Technology High (US) Charter theory model, but used to develop 21C curriculum and pedagogy. The course would use pubic education - but open to all, using open software.

It would include digital literacies etc., all the hot topics - and run by a thin administration - using existing teachers who want to model amazing classroom methods - and at the same time expand their network by mentoring and providing global professional development.

Theres no doubt, the Australian Edublogger community has flocked to this - so the core development is as a social network. There is no reason that international teachers and students cannot use the High School - and add their own curricula.

The idea is to facilitate a BIG idea - for everyone, but ensuring ensuring quality assurance and multiple cohorts.

For example a school in Texas could co-produce a History Project with an Australian one. The process would to have the students identity that - and to get students to negotiate curriculum, working with teacher-advisors to get the best outcome for young people.

Right now I need to collect the view of as many as I can - so in June when I start further rounds of discussion with the government over a possible pilot (ensuring accredited learning). I really want to hear from people globally - to look at the question - is it plausible (we know it is, but they have no clue IMO how to even conceptualise this). Twit Poll (Post)

Please leave your view and thoughts : I need the inspiration to pull off a very BIG and audacious goal!

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