Audio books in the classroom. Is it assistive technology?

  • While in my Assistive Technology class on Monday we discussed audio books and transcribing written text to digital form and it made me wonder if audio books are actually used in classrooms. I can see so many benefits and upsides of using audio books and programs like Tumble Books that allow developing readers to not only see the words but have them read aloud. I struggle with trying to grasp how audio books can be integrated into classrooms and lessons and hope that you can give me some insight!? In regards to Assistive Technology I believe that audio books most certainly constitute as AT as they are an outside resource that can help students in not only the reading process, but receptive language skills as well. Some would disagree with me and believe that they are simply an easy way around reading. So what do you think, are audio books AT? and do you use them in your classrooms?

~Sam Spinello 

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I think audiobooks could be a grea resource to use in the classroom, especially for children with a hearing impaired and I toally agree with you it can also help children in their language skills.
Audio books are assistive technology but not in a way that weakens a child's ability to learn I believe it helps strengthen their learning. I remember as a child listening to audio books in the classroom. I remember checking out audio books from the public library and my mom would have the audio tapes to llisten to in the car on her way to and from work. Audio books help children with reading and with how to pronounce words when struggling. I am only an education major at a university but I hope to use audio books with I have my own classroom to help my students with reading.



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