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  • a preamble,
    • Does not attach the schools code of conduct to the AUP except in saying the county will comply with all federal standards.
  • a definition section,
    • This section is missing and definitions are not addressed at all
  • a policy statement,
    • policy is placed throughout the document
  • an acceptable uses section,
    • this section is also missing
  • an unacceptable uses section,
    • Is long and extensive
  • a violations/sanctions section.
    • Is not defined nor those it attach itself to the systems overall policies only by way of saying the county will adhere to federal standards.




I just commented on someone else's post that it is interesting that we are able to quickly and easily tell students what they cannot do (unacceptable uses), but have difficultly telling students what they can do (acceptable uses). In this case, what the students cannot do is "long and extensive" while ECHS has manage not to tell the poor kids one single thing they are allowed to do. We (as a profession) should work on this.

I quite agree

Nice Wordle. All the tech words are eye-catching.



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