Hi I want to discuss the barriers that prevent some institutions in being able to embed ICT fully. Please discuss.....

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Anyone please share some suggestion how to prevent the barriers for ICT being fully embedded with curriculum.....

With the advent of smartphones, there may only be a barrier because traditional teachers can't or won't adapt to their use in a classroom setting.  I have on occasion had students "google" something, but I plan to incorporate more of this in the future.  One of the lessons they  need is how to discern what the best sites are to find correct information - at least wikipedia is getting better lately (ha).

Very right Tammy....it all depends on teachers how they open up their minds towards ICT and how they incorporate it in their daily lessons.

I personally feel that technology is a great tool to be used in classroom and it affects the teaching and learning in a positive way. One of the biggest drawbacks or barriers to embed ICT fully would be the lack of training that the staff has in ICT. When i was in University, I did a course in Health Communication and we explored various effective ways of using PowerPoint in communicating Science. I think it was an eye-opener for me because there is so much more you can do with PowerPoint which makes it very interactive and exciting for the students. Unfortunately due to the lack of training or skills that the teachers have with ICT or using such tools, this makes it sort of form a barrier to embedding ICT fully.


I also feel the financial limitations can be a reason for this as well. If the school can not afford or is willing to not invest its money into buying the new technology for the classroom then it is harder for the teachers and pupils to benefit from this the new inventions which are aiming to improve teaching and learning.


All in all, if a school wants to embed ICT, they need to be open minded and willing to learn about the technology and committed to using it in schools on regular basis. For example, every classroom in my school in London, UK is equipped with a smart board but hardly anyone uses these interactive boards.

Yes...I totally agree to you. The basic barrier is the lack of training of teachers and not receptive behaviour. One should realise that change is always good and we have to accept the change for the betterment of our learners. Since the teaching strategies have been changing, so why not to adapt to the changes to work for the betterment of learners.

As far as IWB is concerned, believe you me its a wonder. I have been using IWB for my Early Years students and the results are marvellous. My students love to see the different features of IWB, they enjoy writing on it using different colous. Basically I use it for the introduction and exposition of my lesson. Its really a great teaching aid.

IWB works great for my early year classes as well. But i feel a big barrier for its use in higher years is the fact that teachers have a lot of content to cover for the GCSE which could take away the time if they were to use Iwb.

you are very correct in this regard. ICT training for teachers is very important. If they don't know how to use any technology how can they get idea of integrating it with any lesson.  so, this is something very important. on the other hand, if any institute wants to train its teachers than teachers are also reluctant or they are over burdened.

another issue is that institutes are mostly busy in maximizing the implementation of curriculum they are also reluctant in investing amounts in buying new technologies. 

your feed back is very important for me please think of other barriers and inform me. 

Yes Sobia, I agree. Institutions should think critically what is today's trend and where are we taking our learners to? In fact, we should work collaboratively to think how to extend the learning of today's child. I personally feel that if  a teacher is motivated, enthusiastic and determined, he/she can do wonders. Its the teacher who can convince the administration to provide the facilities for inquiry based learning. The teacher is the one who would accept or reject the change in teaching strategies.

I agree with Ali. I am a teacher in London, UK as well but teach at a primary school. Being new in the field of teaching, i am a lot more receptive to the use of technology in the classroom but my colleagues who are more of a traditional teachers or not very able when it comes to the use of ict do struggle a lot and feel turned off by the idea of incorporating it in the classroom.

Training is probably one thing schools can do to embed successful use of technology.

I also like the idea of using phones smartly in lessons but being a primary school teacher of a lower grade, i guess i dont run into such problems that you encounter at a secondary school level.

Lack of funds by school, resources to train and openness to the use of ICT by traditional teachers are probably the key reasons for the failure to embed ICT fully in education.

Yes John, it is the acceptance and attitude that matters. Teachers are a little shy of using ICT, not knowing its effectiveness for the lesson. What I believe in that if you dont have practice or hands on experience with ICT, you will remain hesitant to use it. Infact, computers and all the other gadgets teach you how to use them. Infact I learned to use them through trial and error basis.

Schools should acknowledge the benefits of ICT and how these things have made the teaching easier. Bur before that minds have to be opened and attitudes have to be changed.

Yes John these are the main barriers for embedding ICT every where. An other barrier is the willingness of the teacher. If a teacher is willing to bring such changes she will definitely learn new skills to implement in her lesson. so this is willingness which really matters.

Yes John these are the main barriers for embedding ICT every where. An other barrier is the willingness of the teacher. If a teacher is willing to bring such changes she will definitely learn new skills to implement in her lesson. so this is willingness which really matters.



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