Barriers that prevent some institutions in being able to embed ICT fully

Hi, I want to know and discuss about the barriers  that prevent some institutions in being able to embed ICT fully

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I can think of three main ones, but there are no doubt more.

First, is administrators who don't understand technology, don't understand its importance in teaching, and therefore think it's just "fluff" or won't really help learning.

Second of course is money. Surely there are some schools in the world that have all the money they need and don't really need to worry about the cost of ICT. The reality is that most schools aren't that way, and they have to spend wisely.

Third is, unfortunately, ICT staff. I've talked to so many teachers who can't get what they need -- sometimes hardware, sometimes software, sometimes just support -- because of artificial barriers set up by ICT staff themselves. I won't assume any bad motives here on their part, but I think sometimes they don't fully consider the impact of some of their policies, that are many times in the interest of "security", but are anything but.

thankyou Bob for sharing your sharing your views and I totally agree on that.

Bob , don't you think that one of the barrier is that the schools don't pay enough to their staff for their extra effort towards ICT integrated lessons that's why they show less interest and effort

Sure, teacher & staff pay is always a problem, but very few people go into the education field because of the pay. Better pay would certainly attract more qualified people to the field, but to do so will require an attitude change on the behalf of the general public toward public school teachers and administrators. I speak specifically of the United States, but I suspect most of the Western world is the same.

It is true ! many teacher rininng from it job ! The salary on the teacher is small in Bulgaria!

Bob, although pay is an  important aspect in every field, but i think for integrating ICT the key factors are self motivation, effort and self professional development.

very true Bob there are few things which plays role of barriers of embedding ICT in classrooms:

1. Teachers are not ICT trained and most of them are reluctant to learn even

2. ICT integrated lessons needs lot of time to prepare it but unfortunately very less teachers takes initiative for that

3. Institutes does not provides teachers with latest technologies even if they are ready to use it to

   integrate lessons

Bob, I agree with your opinion but in Pakistan the middle school teachers believe in traditional teaching methods and are reluctant to use ICT specially in Urdu and islamiat. The reason is that they  do not have sufficient ICT resources available on internet and in school. So, they need to make an extra effort and time for designing ICT lessons.  

Aalia one more reason for this is that teachers need extra time and support from the administration to prepare integrated ICT lessons and of course some guided approach towards it.

Yes I agree with Bob. Administrative support, infrastructure and maintenance of ICT resources  can be costly  to sustain. How ever, I would like to stress the value of administrative support that ICT coordinators and teachers who are trying to integrate ICT in there  classrooms. Most specially for administrators who themselves do not know how to use ICT in the first place so eventually they will not have the same vision with ICT coordinators and teachers. Its a big loss  for the school if there administrators don't see the value of ICT .

Thank you dear! Yes I totally agree that all these barriers are there but I also find that due to non accessibility of the IT labs and less resources in the classrooms it is the primary hurdle in embedding the ICT fully.



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