Hi Everyone,

Please tell what are the benefits of embedding ICT in schools or classrooms

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Hi Sobia,

There are many benefits in using ICT in schools. As a Mathematics teacher I experienced that students become more confident. They really enjoy practicing questions on different online tools e.g. IXL where they get certificates. I have also used blogs with my class and they are very useful for class discussions. I found that sometimes students are reluctant to ask  questions in front of the whole class but through email they ask the questions and discuss their problems.

Dear Muneeza,

I agree with you Math is a subject students are usually not interested in. with the help of ICT activities in Math lesson  we can make it more interesting. Students can have more practice of a taught concept if we provide them with on line Math games. They can easily have mental math practice as there are many math games available free on line. 

On the other hand by using ICT in teaching and learning in other subjects students and teachers both can get benefit out of it as students are more into the lesson when they learn through ICT anf for teacher it is very easy to control the class although integrated lessons need lot of careful planning.

Dear Sobia,

I have the same opinion that ICT integrated lessons need careful planning and arrangement of resources also take time, How do you generally  manage resources(e.g cameras , multimedia)?

I think ICT integrated lesson are not only good for the Mathematics subjects, they are extremely helpful for the teachers who are teaching language or history.In history lessons teacher can show students artifacts and videos of the places where students cannot go.

Dear  Munneza,

That is absolutely right again that integrating any lesson with ICT increases motivation and attention level of the students to wards the concept being taught in the classrooms. It only does not benefits Mathematics it is excellent to incorporate with other subjects properly. For example, in English you can have ready made samples of Letter writing, there are too many websites for on line comprehension, listening assessments, vocabulary, grammar practice, etc. For S.Studies you can have show of videos of many places which students have never visited like deserts, North pole, etc, teacher can arrange a variety of maps for map reading practice of students. In Science, teachers can show many experiments online if sometimes it is very difficult to arrange all experimental resources. These are just the examples there is lot to talk about benefits of integrating lessons with ICT in  teaching and learning. But it is not necessary at all to integrate all the lessons with ICT and keeping this in mind that ICT is just the tool/ resource just like board markers and White board in the classroom . A teacher should not plan an ICT integrating lesson just for the sake of using technology on the other hand she should think that use of any ICT which she wants to integrate must be fitness for the purpose and with its use students' learning should enhance. Otherwise she could ruin her lesson. So this is teacher who should consider each and every thing than plan an integrated lesson other wise it is better if she plans a non ICT lesson. 

You are right Sobia that we should not plan ICT integrated lesson just for the sake of using technology. Teachers should have clear objectives in mind. I also agree that ICT benefits all the subjects but it does not means that non ICT lessons are not important or have no benefits.. I think planning is very important whether it is an ICt integrated lesson or non ICT lesson but with ICt integrated lessons teachers should not only plan carefully(and arrange the resources) they should also keep in mind the e-safety issues .

Very True! Muneeza e-safety is very important other wise students will get distracted resulting no learning. So we can conclude that ICT integrated lessons have many benefits if planned carefully. 

Well,l the impact of ICT is also mentionable on teaching as it helps to conduct learner oriented lesson by using visual aids to support exposition and discussion of various topic. The ultimate learning in the strive of embedding ICT also enhances his analytical and assessment skills. Furthermore this professional development of teacher projects its mature image among other staff members.



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