What does formative assessment look like in your classroom?

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What’s different?

Student participation

· Meaningful

· Internalized

· Relevance—they need to find this

· Control

Teacher role

· Guide, coach

· Helps kids learn to think

· Build a relationship in your classroom

· Build relationships with parents

Environment - Build trust

· Show genuine interest and respect

· Understand others’ situations

· Listen – go over what you’ve talked about – paraphrase

· Open to allowing people to come into the classroom

· Goes two (or more) ways

Formative Assessment

· Builds trust through good communication

· Challenges trust because it is not as reliant on factual knowledge, and is, therefore, not as familiar to parents

· Motivates kids
IMHO, the best formative assessments are open and require analysis of existing knowledge and information and the generation of something new - some product. In my work with training teachers, I look to see if what they learned changed their practice - this is difficult and takes time. But it tells you so much more than performance on a multiple choice test ever could.



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