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I would like to create class and student blogs. I tried ning but it quickly turned into a "my space" because I could not control content or member pages.

The gold standard seems to be edublogger. I was wondering if any one is using a different blogging site. One in which students can create their own blogs along with a class blog. And the teacher has easy administration controls. Would love to get your suggestions and a link to your pages.

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I signed up for it too. But it seems if I want to add students I have to join edublogs campus which costs money. Is there anyway to make student users without having to pay?
Maybe posterous would work? I just joined yesterday but it seems like a great option for what you need.
You would have to create your personal blog. Then from your "Manage" area, create an individual blog for each student and add them as a contributer. Then you can create a "Class Blog" and add all students as contributer to that one.

In that way you still have admin privileges to all of the blogs.

Here is a list of FAQs: http://posterous.com/faq
Edmodo is a useful micro blogging format, or there are some control options on Weebly for Education.
You may want to try kidblogs.org . . . .it's easy to use, FREE and has a class blog page (with links to all students) and individual student blogs. The interface is easy and offers the teacher options for managing student posts. Another bonus is it only takes 10 minutes to set up!



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