I just got a new job at a high school. I will be teaching 9th grade world history. I haven't taught World History in a VERY LONG TIME. I need your absolute BEST advice for teaching this course. I like to integrate web 2.0 tools as much as possible. Share your favorite links, videos, etc...

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All my stuff is on my website at http://www.mrroughton.com though it is for 7th grade world history most of it will transfer over just fine. Some of it is subject specific (the notes obviously) but the assignments can work with any history topic.

If nothing else it should give you some ideas.
This site is amazing. Thanks for sharing it. It is one the things that has transformed how I teach!
Wow! You are AWESOME. Thanks for the resource! I know I can use the ideas from your power points and adapt some of your assignments.
What website did you use to make your website? Wordpress?
I think that was to me. Assuming it was - I used Microsoft OfficeLive.
Oh my...your website is wonderful! I am stealing all sorts of ideas. I love the use of media in the classroom! Please share any good songs or videos that you feel I can't live without and I will do the same for you.

I am beginning with a short day or two on geography of the world. I am going to start with our little county and work my way out. Many of our students haven't had to take a look at the world as a whole since sixth grade. (I am teaching freshman next semester.) Being the spatial thinker that I am (most of my students are to...that is why they are at my school), I believe they have to know where things are before I can teach them the history of those places.

May I follow you on twitter? Our class twitter name is RobinsonC3MC...my personal twitter is jeanierobinson
OMG, there is so much out there to help you. What specifically are you looking for? Lesson plans, content help, strategies??? Let us know so that we can be specific in what we share.

Here is a website that I use for content purposes:
This is a great start thanks. I guess the next step is to plan out what major units I want to teach. I have already taken a good look at the standards. They are pretty broad and wide open for me.
My educational publishing company has developed a suite of Google Earth units for U.S. and world history. We think that it's very important for our resources to be problem based. For example, in a unit on the Holocaust, students must develop a multi-media presentation refuting the revisionist argument that the Holocaust never took place. I'd love for you to visit our site: www.pass-ed.com.

At the same time, take a look at World History for Us All, a project based out of the National Center for History in the Schools and San Diego State University that offers a full curriculum. However, it does not include Web 2.0.
I have been collecting links from education blogs for a while. Here is a link to my delicious account where there are some social studies related links that you might find useful.
Thanks. I added you to my new network that I have created for my new job. Please add me to yours.
I guess I just feel overwhelmed. World History in one term is really much. I did read an article about planning backwards which seemed to help. I guess I am asking how to I make sure to teach what needs to be taught and cover what needs to be covered. (To me these are completely different things.)What topics are absolute MUSTS.



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