I just got a new job at a high school. I will be teaching 9th grade world history. I haven't taught World History in a VERY LONG TIME. I need your absolute BEST advice for teaching this course. I like to integrate web 2.0 tools as much as possible. Share your favorite links, videos, etc...

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Absolute musts:
-Classical Periods (greece & rome)
-World Religions
-Middle Ages
-WWII & Holocaust

Personally, I typically teach in units. Like these/there is more than what is listed above. For each unit topic, we explore every angle of it. Secondly, don't reinvent the wheel. Powerpoint Palooza and other places have the lessons already done for you. I know its easy to say don't stress, but I seriously mean it. By my 3rd year of teaching Freshman world history, I found that teaching in units is the best way to go. So, I'd spend 3 weeks exploring revolutions or whatever. Pick a unit and milk the internet for resources on that unit/topic. If you email me, I'll send you my syllabus and how I break up the year. P.S. I teach with a western world focus.
Jeannie, I think Kev's website does a great job of laying out tech related activities--I liked it so much I've copied his idea (with permission) and am working on activities appropriate for my students. The work in progress can be seen here
I also teach Global 9 and US History. I have created review podcasts for my subjects and have them on my site www.masterymaze.com. Look in the subjects section and you will find one for each chapter in our text. I teach at risk and inclusion students and these podcasts have helped with chapter tests as well as the regents exam.

If you register for the site you can copy them to your desktop. They are also available in iTunes as "masterycast".

I love my Global 9 kids and class.

I am also using Moodle--

Good Luck!

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Penn Museum – World History Heaven

American history teachers have Williamsburg, Boston’s Freedom Trail, the city of Philadelphia, and almost anything in their backyard to engage students and visit to inspire students in their courses. What about the teacher of World History? Sure when you get to the present you can take a look in the newspaper or visit New York City (capital of the world?).

I would like to offer for consideration the ultimate destination, the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (quick disclaimer: I am an employee of the University of Pennsylvania). The Penn Museum is a rare museum in the United States, it hold a treasure trove of artifacts and research. Collected over a 100 year period the museum’s collection from from around the globe, the result of University sponsored research trips and archaeological digs. The collections spans almost the entire length of human history and touches all corners of the globe. The museum itself can at times feel a bit like a time warp, most galleries are lacking multimedia (and in some cases A/C) but what is missing in bells and whistles is more than made up in by the overwhelming amount of historic artifacts.

If you cannot make it to Philadelphia, the museum has recently relaunched it’s website. The site is deep and focuses predominantly on the past and present research project the museum sponsors. You can find digital reproduction of artifacts and research reports from over 100 years of archaeological work on the site, and recent conversations with the museum indicates that the digital collections on the site is just a first taste of what will be a comprehensive digital archive.
If you'd like some ideas on how to teach history well in the 21st century Jeanie go to http://groups.diigo.com/groups/history-teachers and you'll find some excellent ones there.

I have created a vocabulary website that allows students to play interactive vocab games.

1. www.bubbabrain.com
2. Click on high school
3. Select 9th grade history and submit
4. Select the game you want to play and submit
5. The top left card will say "find this" click on the card that has the answer

History Alive has some great material for 9th grade.



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