I am looking for a site to create flashacards for vocabulary, but my students are only in elementary school, so I can't use one where they have access to discussions or anything that might be inappropriate. I like flashcard machine because they just get the link to the set of the cards and don't have access to anything else, but it's very slow. Quizlet is brilliant, but too open for little kids. Anyone tried any other sites that might fit the bill?

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I thought you could disable the chat option on Quizlet if you create the vocab lists.
Here is a site that has a list of flash card sites. I like the first one best.

I haven't used this site yet to let you know how well it works, but I saw it and bookmarked it. If you have any success with it, please share! http://www.funnelbrain.com/
I recommend Nik Peachey's blogs. He's a whiz at turning up interesting sites and adds a brief description. I use 4 or 5 sites he has recommended
I think Julie is right. I'm pretty sure that you can disable the chat on Quizlet.
flashcardflash.com allows you to search all the best flashcard sites at once. My favorite of course (because I developed it) is studystack.com. Elementary age kids like studystack because it generates a bunch of other activities using your flashcards - hangman, scrambled word, crossword. There's even a game where you have to chase down a bug that matches the answer to a question.
I have had great success with funnelbrain.com as well...great resource
It looks great, John! Do kids have to register to play? Hope it works with foreign text as I want to use Hebrew. Off to play around with it.
Thanks everyone for your ideas and suggestions!
Thanks! Studystack is perfect. The kids will love the variety of games!
You only have to register to create a new set of games for your information. So there is no need for your young students to create accounts. Activities can contain foreign text, too. You can even put the flashcards on your cell phone or iPod.
Here is a great article about digital flashcards: http://techlearning.com/article/16896
A great site with links to all kind of flashcards : http://www.flashcardflash.com/



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