I was wondering what types of technology in the classroom you have found the most beneficial in a high school setting?  If possible, specifically related to social studies.  I think that virtual tours would be a great resource but haven't used one yet.  

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1:1 laptop with a projector in every class. Online course management system (Moodle). Also, have received some good feedback on Edmodo (Another CMS) and the Khan Academy modules specifically for Math and Social Studies.

I have just recently started integrating technology into my high school classroom.  My advice is to choose projects that students can do on their own while you facilitate.  Make sure they have clear instructions and a rubric.  I have used Weebly, Glogster, and Movie maker.  All were pretty successful and can be used in any subject area.

I know a lot of teachers are using Discovery Education.  It may be worth it to see if your school system has a subscription. If not, I believe there are free resources on the website as well.  www.discoveryeducation.com

I really like CNN Student News. I watch it with my class  every time we meet. The students love it, and I think they are really becoming aware of some of the big issues around the world.

A great app is Cover It Live. I have used this as an exploratory activity to get students researching a topic. Basically, it is a chatroom that takes place within the classroom. The teacher is the moderator and can post pictures, ask questions, and even post polls. It is a great way to engage students that don't normally participate in class. Last spring I wrote a detailed explanation on how to use the app in the classroom. Here is the link.

I use BrainPop. www.brainpop.com features fun video clips which are great for introducing a topic and hooking a class.  They have video clips for most subject areas that can be used from 3rd grade to high school (depending on the topic).  There is also Brain Pop Jr. which is really good for a younger setting.  It is kind of expensive to buy a license, but they have free daily videos that usually correspond to current events/topics.



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