My district is finally working on allowing us to use wifi in our schools. As such it is time to for me to think about how best to take advantage of this. I have 6 groups in my room and I'd like each to have a net-connected device.

My question is which one to go with?

I will be buying them myself so price is definitely an issue. That said, battery life is a bigger one. I'd go with 6 low end laptops except that I might get through one, maybe two period tops. Tethering them to an outlet is not my ideal solution.

Right now I'm considering either Ipod Touches or Netbooks. I have next-to-no experience with either. I really just need the kids to be able to do simple research online. I know the netbooks would probably have better support for more sites but the Touches would be cheaper and easier to store/care for.

Any opinions on this? Or, even better, any other options I'm not thinking of?

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Netbooks with 6 cell batteries instead of 3 cells would be a decent bet. They are really coming down in price from what they used to be, and there are deals to be had if you look for them. They could also potentially be more versatile in the long run than a touch. When you say you are buying them yourself, do you mean with your money?
Yes with my money which is why I was looking for options. I may not have to buy all 6 myself but if I don't get a couple on my own there's no way I'll convince anyone to get the rest :p

I agree that netbooks are probably the best bet. I've found them for quite similar prices to touches now (at least on refurb units) so that certainly looks possible.
At this point, I think I would wait to see what the new Apple iSlate/iTablet looks like. It could be just what you are looking for. Only about a week to wait before we find out what it's capabilities will be.
I won't be buying for another 6 weeks or so and frankly I may wait until Google "officially" announces the Chrome OS. I'm afraid the Apple tablets will be quite expensive but I agree, they'd likely be the ideal machine given no money constraints.

I did some searching and found some other products but most are discontinued now due to the beast that is the Ipod Touch overrunning them. Oh well.
Since you will be buying them yourself, have you thought about looking into second hand laptops? I work at a private school, so I know what it feels like to be on my own when trying make purchases such as this. I found many great deals on I'm currently trying to scrounge up some older imacs.
Make sure you are searching within your area. The list is on the right.



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