I'm working with a high school teacher who wants to start a classroom wiki. The teacher isn't very tech savvy, so I'm looking for something he can implement simply and for free.


I've been looking into PB Works. Does anyone use this or have any reviews? Are there other wiki providers out there that you use?


Thanks, in advance!

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I use PB Works and really enjoy it - not very difficult to use. The kids, Fourth Graders, seem to work with it very well and enjoy it! Good luck!
I have used Wikispaces. In fact I have at least 5 of my own. It is simple and offers lots of different applications. The Wikispaces members have great information on their wikis too. I have taught Wikispaces to many of my "not-techie" teachers and they are using it!
I would have to agree with both Teresa and Julie. I have used both Wikispaces and PB Works and both are easy to edit and use. In my opinion it is slightly easier to add images.

Don't forget about Google Sites either. For someone brand new to wikis it is pretty easy to learn.

Between PB Works and Wikispaces, is there one that you prefer or are they both about equal in your mind?

Thanks again for all the quick replies, everyone!
My preference is for PB Works because I like the interface just slightly more than Wikispaces, but it is purely a preference. Both are excellent wikis.
I am using Wikispaces with my teachers and it has been well received. I would recommend Google Sites for simple Wiki tasks, but Google has not yet implemented custom permissions which makes it sites less desirable than Wikispaces.
I also use wikispaces and have my team using them to. Some are not very tech literate and they find it easy to use although they know that they have me there to answer and questions and help out if need be. I am sure there are plenty of people who would help out if he has any questions; I would be happy to help @Liddonz on twitter.
Thanks so much for your replies. This helps a lot!
I've also heard a lot people rave about EtherPad. However, Google bought it and it's about to shut down. Has anyone used the Google Wave version? Any thoughts?
I have used Etherpad; it is a good tool and still running at present. The code has been made available so there are other ones that are the same. Only 16 students can go on at once - at my school we were only able to manage 2 due to the network!
Hi All,
You may want to consider EditMe.com for your classroom wiki. I work at EditMe, but I won't bore you with full monty marketing speech, but here's a presentation by one of customers who uses EditMe for something called the Paperless Classroom. Seems relevant to this discussion. You can check it out at: http://www.wiziq.com/tutorial/55170-Using-a-web-site-to-teach-an-on...

Thanks for reading this!
Matthew Mamet
Thanks, Matthew. EditMe looks cool, but what's the cost?



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